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5 Things You MUST Do In Aruba

August 19, 2018

I had the pleasure recently to join seven girl friends on a birthday/friendcation to the beautiful island of Aruba. I was immediately taken aback by the arid and oddly windy environment since in my mind an island should be lush, green and calm; nonetheless, I had a fantastic time in my still more-than-gorgeous surroundings with wonderful ladies. If you plan on hitting up Aruba, here are my top 5 must-do’s.

5. Take a sunset cruise around the island

A super relaxing afternoon at sea, open bar, light food, an optional rope swing into the ocean and a beautiful sunset…What more could you ask for?

4. Visit Eagle beach in your flyest swimwear
Me at Eagle Beach Aruba
Boasting white, cool-to-the-foot sand, this beach is ranked as the 4th most beautiful in the world!

3. Swim in a natural pool and see a part of history

Hop on a safari day trip around the island to see beautiful caves with natural pools and The Natural Bridge. A lot of history and beautiful sites await you. If you happen to get our awesome tour guide Evo, you’ve been lucky enough to get the best tour on the island!

2. Eat at romantic Pinchos restaurant on the beach

This restaurant serves you a beautiful and romantic atmosphere with delicious fresh-caught dinner on the beach. We missed the sunset because of our daytime activities, but above all, we still had an amazing meal on our last night there.

1. Finally, visit the flamingos, of course!

Take a day trip to the Renaissance Hotel’s private island and chill with the beautiful flamingos! This will cost you a cool $100 if you’re not actually staying at the hotel but totally worth the experience and beautiful pics with these stunning and gentle birds. You could also add in a spa appointment to get you into full relax mode.

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